The photos on this site were the personal collection of Henry Pardi and Alonzo Hartman, taken from the 1940’s to the 1980’s. Spanning several thousand slides, prints, and transparencies, they were all scanned at 500 to 5000 ppi (depending on media) using a Pacific Image PFXE and AGFA DuoScan. They were then indexed in a database by key terms and the captions found written on the slides. Some captions may seem unusual since they were transposed from the handwriting on the media, without any assumptions being made as to intent. Many slides are upwards of 75 years old and were well preserved. Some contain imperfections that were left on the images intentionally, either for effect or because cleaning would further damage the media.

All images on this Web site are © Copyright 1900-2020, Kim Toborek, All rights reserved.